IA Summit 09


今年もIA Summitが開催されます。

IA Summit 09: Expanding Our Horizons

会場:Peabody Memphis, Memphis, TN, USA.

プレカンファレンスセッション:    3/18(wed)-19(thu)
カンファレンス:        3/20(fri)-22(sun)







今年のキーノートスピーカーとしては、カンサス州立大学文化人類学助教授であるMichael Wesch氏に登壇いただきます。

The Machine is Us/ing Us

クロージングキーノートとしては、Jesse James Garrett氏が登場します。

The Elements of User Experience




  • A Fundamental Disruption: Moving Information Architecture into the Hands of Individual Consumers – Peter Sweeney and Robert Barlow-Busch
  • Agile for the rest of us – Anders Ramsay
  • A House Divided – Eric Reiss
  • An Internet Watered Down (How We Can Save the Mobile Web) – John Pettengill
  • A Real Nowhere Man: Managing Remote Teams Remotely – Joe Sokohl
  • Are Human Beings Becoming Dumb Terminals? – Christine Boese
  • Art & Science of Seductive Interactions – Stephen Anderson
  • Business Centered Design – Christina Wodtke
  • Change as a Feature: Designing Products for Consumers in a State of Permanent Crisis – Mark Rolston
  • Creating Magic Kingdoms: User Experience lessons from Disney’s Imagineers – Michael Atherton
  • Design Games for IA – Donna Spencer
  • Designing for, with & around Advertising – Karen McGrane
  • Designing Rules: The Engine of User Experience – Daniel Brown
  • Designing Social Interfaces: Principles, Best Practices and Patterns for Designing the Social Web – Erin Malone and Christian Crumlish
  • Discovering & Mining the Everyday – Richard Ziade
  • Evangelizing Yourself: You can’t change the world if no one knows your name – Whitney Hess
  • Evolve or Die (Panel) – Christina Wodtke, Gene Smith, Russ Unger and Joshua Porter
  • Experience Themes: An Element of Story Applied to Design – Cindy ChastainGaming the Design: Using game design techniques – Dominic La Cava and Kellie Rae Carter
  • How Do You Describe a Role? A Hands-on Working Session for Writing UX Job Descriptions – Margaret Hanley and Lisa Colvin
  • IA for the Rest of the World – Miles Rochford
  • IA Spy School – Joe Dyer
  • Leading With Insight – Matthew Milan
  • Lessons from the Slime Mold – Kate Rutter
  • Living persona: A new actor on the UCD stage – Peter Bogaards
  • Innovation Parkour – Matthew Milan and Michael Dila
  • Integrating Effective Prototyping into Your Design Process – Fred Beecher
  • Making the Case for Social Networking Communities – Olga Howard
  • Making Social Bookmarking Tastier: Delicious – Bernard Kerr
  • Motivating Teams – Dorelle Rabinowitz
  • Personas and politics: The discursive construction of the User in IA – Adrienne Massanari
  • Portable Research: Observing Users on the Go – Nate Bolt and Tony Tulathimutte
  • Professional UX Organizations: How to start and run a successful local group or chapter – Kyle Soucy and Nasir Barday
  • Prove It: Usability Measures in Benchmarking IA – Andrew Boyd
  • Redesigning a Global Site with Remote Research – Chris Farnum
  • ROI: Speaking the Language of Business – Eric Reiss
  • Selling IA: Heuristic Evaluation for the Pitch Process – Russ Unger
  • Site Redesign: When hell freezes over use a blowtorch – Melissa Matross
  • Strategic Role Working Session – Richard Anderson
  • The Courage to Quit: Starting, Growing and Maintaining Your Own UX Business (Panel) – Sarah Rice, Whitney Hess, Frank Ramirez and Christopher Fahey
  • The Facets of Faceting: Models, Semantics and Representation – Kristoffer Dyrkorn and Helle Hoem
  • The Semantic Web: What IAs Need To Know About Web 3.0 – Chiara Fox
  • The Adoption of Web Standards into Web Design and Development: A Report on a Large Survey – Dave Robins and Sandra Katila
  • Time to Spit on the Table: Being Functionally Appropriate Using Culturally Inappropriate Tactics – Dan Willis
  • Turning HiPPOs into Allies – Samantha Starmer
  • Ubiquitous Information Architecture: Designing for change and for Web 3.0 – Chris Thorne
  • Usable, INFLUENTIAL Content: We Can Have It All – Colleen Jones and Mike Mahoney
  • User Interfaces with MetaSearch Capabilities – Dick Horst, Dana Douglas and Cory Lebson
  • Using Enterprise IA to Support Business Strategy: Driving Revenue and Brand Health with Better Information Management – Gary Carlson and Samantha Starmer
  • UX Design & Deliverable Systems – Nathan Curtis
  • UX Health Check – Livia Labate and Austin Govella
  • When appeasement is not enough, or how to work within “Government time” – Naomi Norman and Rajen Yadav
  • You are (Mostly) Here: Digital Space and The Context Problem – Andrew Hinton
  • You’re Not Doing It Right (Panel) – Melissa Matross, Tim Richards, Chris Chandler, Michael Kopcsak